Joshua SaenZ

Starting in Seattle, JOSAI developed a heavy following from his open format style parties before moving to NYC. Since arriving on the East Coast, JOSAI has become a staple in the NYC club circuit and has gathered support from local rappers with his production and has had remixes featured on Diplo's BBC Radio show. A master and fluent translator of multiple genres of music, fast paced mixing with a light technical aspect, JOSAI can and will run the dance floor at any function.




La Esquina   NYC

Macao   NYC

Los Feliz   NYC

Southside    NYC

205    NYC

Pianos    NYC

The Woods     NYC

Donna     NYC

Hotel Chantelle     NYC

Woodstock     NYC

Happy Endings     NYC

Grey Lady     NYC

SAM     Seattle, WA

War Room     Seattle, WA

Capitol Hill Blockparty     Seattle, WA

Havana     Seattle, WA

Baltic Room     Seattle, WA

The Chapel     Seattle, WA

Aston Manor     Seattle, WA

Bal Mar     Seattle, WA

Tube     Portland, OR

Congress Hotel     Tucson, AR

H Street Festival     DC

Flash     DC

Sticky Rice     DC

Red Rocks     DC

Maple Room     Baltimore, MD

Otto Bar     Baltimore, MD

DIA    Tokyo, JPN

Camelot     Tokyo, JPN

Brooklyn Bowl     NYC

Beauty & Essex   NYC

PHD  Rooftop      NYC

Counting Room   NYC

Max Fish              NYC   

Arrow Bar            NYC

LATE LATE           NYC  

Skinny Bar           NYC

Stanton Social     NYC

FreeHold             NYC

1 Hotel                 NYC

Belle Reve           NYC

Tender Trap         NYC       

THE DL                NYC

Moe Mondays     Seattle, WA

Neumos              Seattle, WA

Cha Cha              Seattle, WA

Bumbershoot      Seattle, WA

Tia Lou's              Seattle, WA

Trinity                  Seattle, WA

Volume               Seattle, WA

Crown Room       Portland, OR

China East          Portland, OR

Club Homme      Phoenix, AR

Tiki Bobs            Indiannapolis, IN

Heaven & Hell    DC

Miss Whiskey      DC

The Brixton         DC

Silk City Diner     Philly, PA

Blackbird             Miami, FL

WMC 2008          Miami FL




DJ + Producer